TropCrew show a side to Brazil you’ve never seen with ‘Tropicality’!

Tell us a bit about TropCrew. When and how did it start? Tropcrew’s structure is composed of 3 partners and 20 artists. One of the partners, Paulo Mestriner, is my best friend since we were 5 year old, and the other one, Roberto Scacchetti is my brother, so literally, we are a family. Since we […]

Delphian Gallery presents ‘Obscurely Prophetic’

Delphian Gallery presents a group exhibition of contemporary art, photography, and video by Kevin Perkins, Aaron McElroy, Asia Werbel, Sophie Davis, Ellen Pearson, Eric Haacht, Wim Maes, Soraya Jansen, Thomas Kuppler, 616, Maxie Tröltzsch, Eva Schach, and Brooke Didonato & Peter Woodrow taking place at theprintspace (74 Kingsland Rd) between 4th August – 16th August.